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Thursday, 16 March 2017

New Guardians of the galaxy Peter quill Star Lord Stylish Coat

As always every movie brings costumes and jackets and dresses worn by famous Hollywood characters, Some of the best characters which are evergreen are Superman, batman, Captain America, Xmen and other science fiction movies, most of the costumes worn by the Heroes of movies are now available in every online website available and only a few tops them all, lately trends are changing and even though Superman by far is the most seller brand in the world, 2017 will be different for costume lovers.

last year season for Halloween costume belonged to suicide Squad movie and Jared Letto Joker coat was a hit among men and Harley Quinn was a hit among women, however, this year will be different again and you will see allot of red coats in Halloween parties and night clubs.

This year belongs to Guardians of the galaxy sequel played by Chris Pratt as peter Quill also known as Star Lord, 2 years back when the movie was out this costume

was a hit and world went crazy over his costume and this year will be same for everyone who loves and wishes to be Starlord, star lord trench coat is now out in market with only a few sellers and is expecting to be a hit soon,
Everyone is waiting for the movie to be out to see the costumes and most have already purchased and set them self up for the movie.

So if you get a chance to buy this coat now as it is a hard coat to make and don't wait, it will be out shortly